Aviation Acquisition Engineering Support

Provide platform and systems acquisition support services to USCG Office of Aviation Acquisition

Design, integration, and process development support to install Minotaur on the HC-144 and HC-27J

Analysis and Update of financials and cost estimates to develop Life Cycle Cost Estimates (LCCE)

Develop asset component and support contracts

Wiring Harness Technical Services

Wiring harness development for all USCG aircraft and ground support equipment, including communication, search, detection, navigation and related electrical systems and associated support equipment

Disassembly, inspection, manufacture, repair, overhaul, test (including DITMCO), installation, and modification of aircraft and support equipment electrical wiring harnesses and subassemblies

H-60 Engineering Support Services

Maintenance planning, conversion, and overhaul to convert Navy SH-60F airframes to USCG MH-60T airframes

Parts research and inventory support for Navy Conversion Projects Branch

Kit development for maintenance activities and technical change orders

Supply Item Change Record process support


VLinc, a SDVOSB, was awarded a prime contract for Zone 2, National Capital, and Zone 3, Mid-Atlantic under the Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle. VLinc was formed to provide our servicemen and women with opportunities to continue their support of the U.S. military through meaningful work on contracts and task orders that advance the missions of our warfighters. VLinc has assembled a team of highly capable and experienced subcontractors and we have a management and quality-control approach that is based on experience supporting, managing, and leading major programs for our nation’s military.